Adsterra breaks into the mid-pandemic market with a new CPA affiliate network

March 10, 2021. Adsterra, a global advertising network, announces its expansion into the affiliate marketing market with a new CPA network.


The all-new CPA affiliate platform aims for outcompeting the majority of siblings by a selective approach to offers and tangibly higher payouts to affiliate partners.

In the overall COVID-19 uncertainty, the shift towards battle-tested direct offers is a strategic move made by Adsterra management.

«With multitudes of networks on the market, launching a new one is something that seems irrational. Add here the mid-pandemic time, and you get the malicious combo that leads to downfall. But these two factors were our same incentives to stand out», Arthur Galiev, Head of Sales at Adsterra, explains. «Here and now, affiliate marketers are eager to save time on offer research; they want a clear payout policy with better rewards and the all-round expert support. We respond with Adsterra CPA».

The Adsterra CPA network’s unique value proposition starts from the endpoint of any digital product roadmap. Instead of launching an MVP (minimum viable product), the company strives to deliver best-in-class customer support, expert guidance, and a significantly different set of offers.

Adsterra CPA offers’ key differentiators:

  • Сlean public offers that come directly from Adsterra’s reputable advertisers.
  • Private offers (available after pre-moderation)
  • Battle-tested offers that are added to the platform after they’ve proved to convert on the Adsterra traffic.
  • Unique offers that are served only on Adsterra CPA (exclusive contracts with advertisers primarily from the gaming vertical).

Pro affiliates joining Adsterra CPA can expect:

  • Higher payouts for affiliates due to upper-class offers.
  • No-traffic-loss solutions, including postbacks URLs and backlinks.
  • 24/7 personal support from an expert manager.
  • Multiple payment systems for funds withdrawal.

«We aim to provide affiliate marketers with something they mostly miss on this market — transparency in each action they take,” — Arthur Galiev states. It’s the CPA network that is responsible for the fast offer choice, clear campaign set-up flow, providing all tools for tracking, and, of course, for offers’ profitability evaluation cause it’s the core value.”


Founded in 2013, Adsterra is now a market-leading ad network trusted by 30K+ advertisers and publishers worldwide. In 2021, Adsterra is launching a new global CPA platform that combines all the benefits of working with Adsterra and more.

Adsterra offers you an easy-to-use platform with a regularly updated list of offers, high and fast payouts, convenient statistics, and a tracking system that allows you not only to work with offers but to enjoy your work and its results.

Also, Adsterra offers unique offers with increased payouts and exceptional conditions for each affiliate. Adsterra provides A-class service and always cares about its partners. You will always have full-fledged support during the campaign’s launch.



Media Contact:

Dubinin Nikita

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